FWES SIGN UP for 3rd GRADE ORCHESTRA LESSONS--starting Sept. 2017

On the last Tuesday in May, a demonstration of the string orchestra instruments will occur for the 2nd graders so that they can decide which instrument they would like to study in orchestra lessons in September as 3rd graders.

Please see below for the recruitment letter which indicates the various rental costs for the instruments, as well as an outline of the elementary orchestra program. PLEASE GO TO THE PARENTAL APPROVAL FORM LINK, and complete this form electronically by the first Friday in June, following the demonstration.

Upon receiving this information, Mrs. Herrmann will then see each student to measure them for the correct sized instrument, then, give each student the information to complete an online rental order for this instrument and the necessary instructional book/materials. It is highly suggested to complete the online rental by July 1st so that the music store can deliver the instruments and materials to FWES during the summer. If the rental is completed after July 1st, then each student/family will need to go directly to the music store to complete the rental process. Rental charges will not start until we start lessons in September, however, there will probably be an initial "deposit fee" to process the rental instrument for delivery to FWES by the end of August.

Lesson times will be assigned in September, and instruments will be distributed at the first lesson.

Please see the links below for the forms concerning signing up for 3rd Grade Beginner Orchestra.
Recruitment Letter
Parental Approval Form for Beginner Orchestra
How to rent an instrument online
Contract Letter