UDHS ORCHESTRA 2016-17 Events Calendar
Mrs. V. Herrmann—215-643-8900 ext. 2061 __vherrman@udsd.org____www.udhsorchestras.wikispaces.com__

Performance Quizzes as section--September 2016 & February 2017

Performance Exams—October 2016 & March 2017

Terms Tests—January 2017 & May 2017

Field Trip to Open Rehearsal of the Philadelphia Orchestra

Thurs. November 17, 2016 & Thurs. March 30, 2017

10:15am to 1pm at Verizon Hall in Phila.—9am departure, 1pm return—BRING A BAG LUNCH

COST is $6 per student payment for bus per trip.

Winter Concert 2016

Strings only—Rehearsal—Wednesday November 16th—7-9 PM

Full Orchestra—Rehearsal—Tuesday November 29th—7-9 PM

Full Orchestra—Rehearsal—Tuesday December 6th —7-9 PM
CONCERT—Thursday December 8th —7:00 PM Call

UDHS Select Ensembles Concert—Tues. Feb. 7, 2017—6:30 PM CALL

MIOSM Concert—Thurs. March 2, 2017--9am dress rehearsal, 7pm concert.

2017 String Orchestra Festival Adjudication (SOFA)—UDHS Orchestra & Sophisticated Strings
Tues. 3/7/17—3 to 9pm @ UDHS PAC as hosts

Spring Concert 2017

Strings only—Rehearsal—Wednesday March 22nd—7-9 PM

Strings only—Rehearsal—Tuesday April 18th—7-9 PM--CANCELLED!!

Full Orchestra—Rehearsal—Monday April 24th—7-9 PM
Full Orchestra—Rehearsal—Tuesday May 2nd—7-9 PM
CONCERT—Thursday May 4th—7:00 PM Call

Honors Music Students’ Concert—Wed. May 10, 2017—6:30 PM CALL

Special Interest

Montgomery County HS Honors String Orchestra Concert—Friday 11/18/16 @ 7pm
@ Upper Moreland High School—please attend this wonderful concert!!
PMEA District 11 Instrumental Auditions—Saturday December 10th 2016—
8:00AM registration—Location—Upper Dublin High School
PMEA District 11 Orchestra—Thurs. 1/26 to Sat. 1/28/17 @ Upper Merion HS
PMEA Region VI Orchestra—Thurs. 3/9 to Sat. 3/11/17 @ West Chester HS East
PMEA All State Orchestra—Wed. 4/19/17 to Sat. 4/22/17 @ Erie, PA